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We're local !

We're local !

Welcome to The Princess Flock, your source for the freshest eggs in Kissimmee, FL. We are a small local farm dedicated to providing high-quality, farm-fresh eggs to our community.

At The Princess Flock, our laying hens enjoy a free-range lifestyle, spending abundant hours outdoors in the Kissimmee sunshine. They roam and play, resulting in eggs that are not only delicious but also packed with nutrition.

Our commitment to quality begins with the diet of our hens. The Princess Flock is nourished with a balanced and healthy menu that includes tropical grass seeds, grains, bugs, worms, and other essential nutrients. We believe that a wholesome diet leads to happy and healthy hens, which in turn produce the freshest eggs possible.

When you choose The Princess Flock, you're choosing eggs that are truly farm-fresh, straight from our happy hens to your table. Experience the difference that comes from supporting local agriculture and enjoying the unparalleled flavor and nutritional benefits of our fresh eggs.

Visit our website to learn more about The Princess Flock and how you can bring the goodness of farm-fresh eggs into your home. Discover why our commitment to quality and our hens' free-range lifestyle make us the premier choice for fresh eggs in Kissimmee, FL.