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Female Baby Chicks Pullets

Female Baby Chicks Pullets


Breeds available: Blue Splash (large dark brown egg layers and olive egger, green eggs layers!

Our female flock consists of pullets that are currently 10 weeks old and available for purchase at an introductory price of $15 each. These pullets are raised in a healthy and nurturing environment to ensure their optimal growth and well-being.

As these pullets mature, their price increases gradually by $1 per week. This means that each week, the price of our pullets will rise by $1 until they reach the point of lay at 20 weeks old. At this stage, when our pullets are ready to start laying eggs, they will be available at a peak price of $40 each.

Our pullet flock offers a great opportunity for individuals and businesses looking to start or expand their own flock of laying hens. With our carefully raised pullets, you can be assured of quality birds that are well-prepared to thrive in your care.

Don't miss out on the chance to acquire these lovely pullets at affordable prices that increase gradually over time. Contact us today to reserve your pullets and start your journey to fresh, homegrown eggs!