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🐔 Premium Novogen Brown Laying Hens Available!

🐔 Premium Novogen Brown Laying Hens Available!


🐔 Premium Novogen Brown Laying Hens Available! 

BUY 3 for $100.

make / manufacturer: Princess Flock Farm Fresh Eggs

model name / number: Laying Hens Pullets Chicken

Age: 1 year old.

Are you a resident of Orlando looking for premium Novogen Brown laying hens to start or expand your backyard flock?

Look no further!

We have a special offer for you to connect with the Pricess Flock in Kissimmee, where they have a selection of high-quality Novogen Brown laying hens available.

📍 Location: Kissimmee, FL, 34746 near Orlando, Florida

🐣 Breed: Premium Novogen Brown Laying Hens

🥚 Egg Production: Excellent egg-laying capabilities (320+ Eggs per year)

💪 Health: Vaccinated and well-cared for

💼 Quantity: Limited availability, so act fast!

The Novogen Brown breed is renowned for its excellent egg production, friendly temperament, and adaptability to various climates. These hens are ideal for backyard flocks, providing you with a sustainable source of fresh and nutritious eggs.

Remember, availability is limited, so act quickly to secure your premium Novogen Brown hens for your backyard flock in Orlando. Enjoy the benefits of fresh, homegrown eggs while nurturing a connection with fellow poultry enthusiasts in your area!

Place your order online and schedule an appointment for pick up on Saturday.